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Milwaukee Computer Repair Service Done Right


Our Milwaukee PC Repair Service is all about YOU, our customer. We never stop striving to give YOU the best Milwaukee Computer Repair Service we possibly can. And let’s face it, with your computer being the gateway to and backbone of so many components of your business and lifestyle, it’s a very personal thing that cannot be trusted to just anyone. This is why it is not just about your computers, but rather about all of these:

  • Your Sanity – No more headaches or frustrations
  • Your Experience – Exceptional professionalism and expert knowledge
  • Your Peace of Mind – We keep your data and information confidential
  • Your Business – No more expensive downtime or waiting for things to happen
  • Your Computers – When you give them some love, they will love you back
  • Your Providers – We think you ought to know a few good computer technicians
  • Your Choice – We strive to be clearly the best choice for your computer needs

We specialize in getting your computers to work well and keeping them working well, both in your home and in your business. We support all shapes and sizes of windows computers, and yes we also work on laptops, netbooks, server/client networks, apple macs and ipads, android tablets, and more! From fixing one computer to installing an entire network infrastructure for your business, we do it all!

Niche Specialty: Email System Transition – we’ve helped local businesses transfer their email from one system to another without losing data or incoming email during the transition, including scenarios such as:

  • Local Exchange Server to Exchange Online
  • Local Exchange Server to IMAP
  • IMAP to Exchange Online
  • Hosted Exchange to Exchange Online
  • POP3 to Exchange Online
  • POP3 to IMAP
  • Preserve Local Calendars, Contacts, Tasks


Your computer is central to your business and your life. It facilitates communication with work colleagues and loved ones. It holds your favorite music and years worth of family photos. As much information as you could possibly consume is available through your computer. Nearly all your business administration functions are on the computer. There's a few in every home and one on every desk for a reason. It's YOUR life, and your computers are a very integral part of it.


If you're like many people, chances are you have a love-hate relationship with your computer. When it works well and does what you want quickly and reliably, you love it. When it doesn't function properly and tells you that it cannot do what you are requesting, or when it just dies entirely, you hate it. The good news is that it is entirely possible to love your computer almost all the time. The trick is to give it a little love. Love your computer, and it will love you back.


It's your life, and your computer is a big part of it. Computer downtime causes ripple effects throughout your business and your home. You can't play your favorite game. Your family photos are lost. You can't get your taxes done. You can't type the letter the boss asked you to write. With proactive ongoing maintenance, not only will downtime be minimized, but your computer will also be optimized. Not only will it function, it will be fast and responsive. When your computer thrives, you thrive.